You should follow these seven prevention facts for infections H1N1 (seasonal influenza)

H1N1 flu virus is a new species of flu season are similar to ordinary flu symptoms cirrhosis. Although the HIV virus can live pigs are handled 0 pork and other cooked food can plant itself is not infected. Infects only humans.

The symptoms are usually similar, but swine respiratory symptoms, as well as diarrhea and nausea are possible. H1N1 influenza than traditional flu season can reach more deeply into the lung infection.

The sign –

Headache and body pains
Sore throat
Disabling page pitch page
Dizziness, vomiting housewife.

How does infect

The infected cough, When you sneeze arrived from particles in the atmosphere. After exposure to the flu virus or viruses attached to residual surface from eyes, nose and mouth, etc. can be transmitted. The same day, showed no signs of infection can spread by simply sick and can spread up to 7 days.

Inanimate objects, the virus can not survive, or stick fast minute hand dentists. But time enough to spread. For example, from your office Suppose someone sneezing, and coughing. Somewhere in the surface of the table or pure snivel or saliva, This exposure can be easily transmitted. The handshake can undo their infection, If I rubbed my eyes done. Best wash.

So what should be protected

(1) Maybe it’s sick at home. When sick for 24 hours at home and take care of others.

(2) wash hands frequently. The easiest way to prevent infection. Clean, wash with soap or hand lotion, three floors. Surfaces and utensils from sneezes and coughs from an infected person can be released from viruses.

(3) sneezes and coughs. Sneezes and coughs, clothes and bad deeds. Nose-line can also be used. Whether completely inch elbow.

(4) clean and taken care of. Using tissue are forsaken. Inch nose, Do not touch the mouth and eyes (virus infection is a telephone on the table because of the live screen.)

(5) without too many places to go. Just when you have a weak immune can be easily infected. Children under the age of 5, 65 years older, Chronic healthy ones, Pregnant women, Those such as asthma, heart disease, which is easy to be infected with any flu should be more careful.

(6) Eat nutritious. Full rest. This nutritious eating and the rest will be better able to fight the disease effectively.

(7) a good nose-line (the mask). In addition to not just those from infectious weak when other microbes entering the floor is the best idea to bind to nose.

When the H1N1 and comfort to those who strengthen the immune treatment, but can be serious loss of life if there are. When anti-virus treatment recommendations for the drug oseltamivir (Tamiflu) and zanamivir. Drug-resistant infections in the risk of influenza often used. Health Good Swine Flu, you can fight against the immune system.

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