You have to do it until you are in trouble. About people who do not value their possessions

People do not value what is easy, and some people do not get what they easily get, for example, drinking water. When it comes to living comfortably at home, it is easy to ignore the value of it, and in other places, it is difficult to live a life without them.

Here are some people who are living this difficult life and who are easily going through life.

(1) A family full of love

When parents discipline their children, they may feel that they do not love them, but that they also love them. As children are trying to promote responsible citizenship, they may even be grateful.

To counsel and to love, If you know that there are 150 million orphans worldwide who are without orphanages without guidance, thank your parenting counsel.



(2) A comfortable home

Have you ever thought of how valuable it is to have a roof over your head and a comfortable bed with no heat in the bed today?

According to a Yale University study, more than 150 million people are homeless without a home, and about 1.6 billion people are homeless.

(3) Living with clean water and living with full electricity

We have access to water from the common head, but some of us only have access to water, so the water we discard should be of great value to us because it is difficult to find.

Likewise, it is easy to use the Internet and Internet, but in some places there is no electricity, so do not underestimate the convenience.

4. Water is free from heat

More than 800 million people worldwide have access to at least 30 minutes of safe, safe water supply. While everyone is trying hard to get safe water, do not underestimate how easy it is to get there. Make use of it

5. Get fresh air

It is safe to breathe fresh air in order to survive. In some countries, air pollution is so severe that people are exposed to fresh air inside and outside.

According to the WHO, 92 percent of the world’s population is inhaling polluted air, and one in eight deaths every day around the world are inhaled and die.

(6) You can study well

UNICEF says that the most important thing for people around the world is to get a good education, but not everyone can get it easily – if you are a girl, you should learn even more because education plays an important role in women’s empowerment.

More than 750 million people worldwide are illiterate.

(7) Friends will work together

We all have very good friends.

A study has found that only one in 10 people in the UK have no close friends every day, so it is advisable to treat the most intimate children present.

(8) Commemorations will be held

We have a celebration day. There are many events. There are also people waiting to celebrate it. But you are proud of being able to participate in these celebrations, and there are many people who are not able to celebrate this freedom in the world.

9. Clothing and Shoes

When you are out on the beach enjoying your sandals without your shoes, know that others are working hard.

Once you have the ability to ride and wear good-quality shoes, enjoy yourself. Some people are just dreaming about it and living up to it.

10. Get a healthier life and health care

You and your family members will have a healthy life, and you will be happy. If you have access to quality healthcare, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Nearly half of the world’s population is without access to health services, according to the WHO.

Now … So thank you for all that you have.

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