Why mothers of three children are more stressed than other mothers

When women reach their motherhood, they lose their freedom, Most of their time is for their children.

I have never done anything like it before. I have to take responsibility for things I never thought I could do. For example, children are required to attend school as well as school activities. You need to communicate well with other mothers. In addition to feeding duties, your child’s behavior and attitude
It is a good thing to have a healthy body. If she had handled them well, she would have done nothing for her in life.

In fact, mothers’ lives are more stressful than others. Which baby do you think is the most stressful of your mother? Here is the quote from Bright Side.



Seventy-five percent were worried that they would be more perfect than other mothers; About 60% of moms are worried about not spending time with their children. About 90% of moms worry about being a healthy baby; Forty-six percent of mothers reported that stress was more a result of stress than marriage. This is the third most difficult time for mothers to have a third child, according to a TODAY magazine survey of more than 7,000 respondents about their mother’s stress.

Although the birth of a child is not a test of change for two children, the fact that having a third child is the third most stressful for a mother.

Because mediums don’t get the same opportunities as bigs, Because they don’t care like the youngest. As mentioned above, mothers often have to work hard to be perfect and balanced when dealing with three children. It is a condition that no child can miss. And even worse, knowing that the other child was raised was even worse.

There is also the fear of the human mind in three ways. Being tired at birth is not the first experience. The second child gained experience, and after that, he did not jump too much about raising children. But when the three fall, it becomes stressful.

But when you have more than three children, the stress is relieved. Studies show that once a child has four or more children, mothers are no longer trying to be perfect moms and only work to survive.

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