When you get a chance to visit the world-class cheese hotel …

When you get to this hotel, you will feel like a dreamer. The hotel is the world’s first cottage cheese design hotel. Built in London’s Camden quarter. Inside the hotel there was a wall of paper, Painting and bedding; All donors are well-chosen. Even the soap in the hotel uses a scent of soap.

The Cheetah Hotel came out after the Swedish estimates that an average British person consumes an average of 24.7 grams of cheese a year and consumes 700,000 tonnes a year. The hotel also offers cookbooks about cheeses. Guests will be able to try out the kitchen in the hotel room with the help of a cheese guide.



The hotel is in conjunction with Café Rouge. There is also a hotel reservation service available at the hotel. The service will allow customers to sip the cheese into the meal and order more cheeses and snacks from Café Rouge.

Café Rouge’s Maccablet manager says: “We create exciting things for the people of our country. We also plan to serve their favorite food in one place. Our food starts with food and drink. Bedroom layout The sofa is designed to make all the interior design of the room look like cheese. ” Here are the reasons why:

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