What should I do when mobile phones flood?

It is not the right thing to do. Mobile devices, such as waterproofing, can be waterproof or accidental. It is usually caused by water falling into the water. Fall into the water! When it comes to water and moisture, your expensive and expensive mobile phone can go bankrupt at any time. Huawei P30 Pro: Waterproof phones like the Samsung Galaxy S10, but most of the handsets on the market are still waterproof.

In the meantime, you need to get your mobile phone back in a good shape. What should be done as soon as possible to minimize the risk? Let me tell you what to do immediately.



– Quickly recover when dropped into the water

This one is clear. Your phone dropped into the water. It’s water. If you find that the water is wet, it should be collected immediately. Because the longer the water stays in the water, the longer it will last. The longer the water is wet, the less likely it is that a mobile phone will have a chance to recover. After recovering, the phone cover should be removed. Because water is usually trapped inside the phone’s cover. If the phone is still open and it is still open, turn it off immediately. Then remove the battery and dry it.

What should I do after ten hours in the water?

Do not open the phone immediately. Because electronic devices are completely out of touch with water, there can be undesirable consequences when the phone is left in water and when power is turned on.

Do not charge the phone.
Do not press any button. Because the power button, When you press the volume key, the water on the top of the phone is more likely to reach the inside of the phone.
Shake your phone. The mouth and the water should not be sprayed. Because the more water inside the phone, the more water it enters. Also, you should not blow your phone with Drier when running water. As a result of this heat, the contents of your phone can be damaged.
– Wipe the outside of the phone with paper

The surface of the waterproof phone should be wiped with paper or tissue. Paper towels that can draw water; The tissue is better.

– Pump out small pumps and water

Even if you don’t have to blow it, it is advisable to vacuum the phone with a small vacuum and water. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, with the water pump and water pump in your phone. It is advisable to remove the scent. The key is to dehydrate the water in the phone’s body.

– Drying the phone

In the bag. You can put the phone into two rice jars and dry it. Why? If you want to put your phone in a sack, it has the ability to absorb hydration, since it also absorbs the moisture in the phone’s body. Also, they have slippers, boots, and shoes. It also absorbs water by inserting silica gel packs in electronic cans. Keep in mind that these gel capsules are a special ingredient for absorption of water.

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