Those who have passed the tenth grade can apply Insein GTI school that cooperation opened with Germany

Coming December 1, since the school opened Insein GTI School (GTI) is scheduled to be re-opened will be able to apply for those who have passed the matriculation.

Myanmar Ministry of Education, technical and vocational education and training in center cooperation partners such as Germany, in cooperation with the organization (GIZ) decades and re-opened.

Without access to vocational training, as such guide Calls for exclusive access, a technology and Vocational Education Department Director General Dr Aye Myint said wrote one source.

Insein (GTI) School will teach five training course, they are Civil Engineering Course, Mechanical Engineering Course, Electronic Engineering Course, Electric Engineering and Information Technology training course .

Science course with the school and will be allowed to apply for those who have passed the matriculation must answer the oral examination. The first application based floating population of about 200 students receive the same.

Myanmar, all regions are allowed to apply to attend the next three years. The training curriculum will teach in Germany for a partner in the organization and coordination has already drafted (GTI) school’s curriculum with the same drawing.

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