There are five reasons why men are the best friends of women

Men are the best BFFs for women. Men are more open to women. To discuss Could be the best BFF for advice, why are men the best buddies for women? Bright Side cites what they can consider as a BFF.

Men keep women’s secrets securely

According to one study, when she told a woman something secret, she did not keep it for long. After the maximum 47 hours have passed, tell the secret to others. It is not known whether or not this is true. Men don’t. They had forgotten the secret they had come to within minutes. So women are considered to be the best buddies, since men are a big secret place.

– No matter how much the women eat, the men are not upset

Men do not make any critical comments about the way women live their lives. It’s not about sharing and eating freely, Even the men were more interested in the habit.



– They don’t compete with women

According to a study by the University of Arizona, women have a tendency to compete with women. Women are also jealous of each other. Men aren’t like this. A man is usually envious of women. They do not usually care about leaks.

– Men are trusted. It’s safe

Another reason women can be considered a good boarder is that men are trusted. It’s a feeling of confidence. A higher percentage of men can trust men than women, a new study finds.

– Men are always ready for adventure

Imagine that suddenly a woman would leave for an adventure. It is best to call one of your closest friends. Because men are naturally inclined to take risks, they are always ready.

– Don’t force me

It is also important that men do not insist. Even if a close friend comes and tells you a story, what does he mean? It will still change the way you talk. Also, when they speak, they leave the gossip and speak plainly.

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