There are five places that you should never take with a lover on Valentine’s Day

What are you planning to do with this Valentine’s Day this year? Some will be prepared now. What to do and where to go on Valentine’s Day. In fact, Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers and it is free to walk around, but there are also places that should not be. Especially when you go to such places on Valentine’s Day as you would like them to say. Your boyfriend doesn’t think it will work. Now, what kind of place?

(1) Monuments

National museums such as Valentine’s Day. Ministers should not go to such places. Wouldn’t it be nice if you were going to a museum and trying to find a way to achieve independence?



(2) Vipassana Meditations

We should not even take a step to the pagoda all year without going to church to surprise our sweetheart on Valentine’s Day. It is so difficult to remember Valentine’s Day and remember your sweetheart.

3) Accommodation

Valentine’s Day is one of the coolest places to stay. Going on the rest of the day is fine, but on Valentine’s Day it’s a big goal. And on Valentine’s Day, hotels, restaurants, and more The guesthouses are still going up. Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day is not the best place to stay in Valentine’s Day.

4) Parks

On Valentine’s Day, every couple comes to the park to enjoy it. You need to know that they are happy. And Valentine’s Day is a big month in the middle of the month, with little money in hand, and a bunch of places like parks. So what are you going to do with the crowd in the park? Don’t go.

5) Shopping Centers

Valentine’s Day is one of the best places to go without a girlfriend. Because Valentine’s Day is a special day for girls, they just have to point their finger at what they want. Since it’s Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to deny, so it’s definitely worth buying. So avoid shopping centers too far.

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