The youngest in the family are the happiest

People are the same parents, Even if you grew up from the same community, you have different personalities. Especially the siblings follow the birth pattern, and the personality of the individual is separated. According to psychologists, the smallest family in the family is considered to be the housekeeper.

Many scholars are still researching this theory. A British market research firm, recently conducted a research. The study included 1,782 people 18 years of age or older. Take responsibility for the participants. They compared their siblings to social and emotional coping with stress.

Research has found that the youngest children are the happiest children in the family. Younger children were 46 percent more likely to be happier than their siblings, 47 percent less stressed, and 42 percent better socially.



Researchers say that every child is always looking for the right place for them in the family. First-born children are privileged to choose the best place in the family. So if the eldest daughter is the eldest, they are responsible for the family. It is our responsibility to keep our parents happy. They determine their place in the family, with a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility.

The youngest are the ones who always want to get out from under their influence. They are also looking for ways to get a place in their family. When the elders are less responsible, When they are disobedient, the younger ones try to get to know them in other ways in the family. As a result, the smaller ones are more likely to change their mind and become more creative and more creative and creative, according to brightside.

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