The world’s most expensive buildings

The world’s most expensive buildings

1. Abraj Al Bait, Mecca, Saudi Arabia, Serbia



I would say that not only to buildings in the Abraj Al Bait complex mass of one of the buildings. Especially one of the world’s most expensive can is wrong.

This is not because the building was constructed greed is not to boast. King Abdullah’s support and zip this building was constructed.

2. The recreation of the world rice Singapore



This recreation of the world’s eyes if you are good at attractive location. Many resort to stay you can relax in the hotel.

In the same pleasure as well to accommodate the resort Casino, Universal studio There are museums and other interesting places in the world.

3. Marie Gulf Beach, Singapore

In this Gulf Beach hotel big hit anything different from anyone you will be able to gain experience in a lot of places.
They have 57 in the endless pool.

That is the view you see your beautiful unlike anyone with a unique view of the city of Singapore, and must be seen. According to its size and height, this is one of the world’s endless pool.

4. Apple park



It was started in 2017 building opened what is now Apple Inc.’s headquarters. Gu, Party Casino There is in California. The building’s design is different from the headquarters building of a style unlike.

5. The cosmopolitan, Las Vegas



This is a famous hotel in Las Vegas. Hotel resort, Casino wrong. There are nearly 3,000 hotel rooms. Casino’s in excess of 110,000 feet. So, then Casino Casino is one of the many.

6. Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates



This is a 850000 square meters of buildings. He is important to the government reception for guests used to be one of the most important buildings wrong. This is still a high-standard hotel.

7.  World Trade Center



For the United States, September 11, 2001, at the World Trade Center collapse. The United States refused to give further construction of a building according to the original size twin. In 2013 came the birth of the World Trade Center was.

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