The World Bank recommended amendments to the electricity rates in myanmar

And to amend the country’s current electricity rates effectively weakened the whole system needs to be overhauled is recommended that the World Bank.

The representation of economic monitoring report, released today, and the need to invest in the country’s energy than the current 2 said.

Thus, the current ongoing projects occur 3 times more quickly by resetting the demand to make ends meet will be able to fulfill the minimum cost method is recommended to choose.

But to prepare for the electricity rates could lead to the end of inflation reports.

Before coming on a medium term inflation rate was down to 6 million 6% is expected to stabilize and the government is doing to fix electricity prices and higher energy prices is likely that the inflation rate can be high.

In addition, together with the World Bank analysis compiled welfare index showed that about half of the population of Myanmar is at least 3 basic index is weak report says.

Education, Occupation, health Access to clean water and to use the toilet, Housing and other property belonging to the index’s total population 47 percent said a lack of at least 3.

One-fifth of the population is above 5 Index weak, which holds 16 percent of the total population, he said.

Comes to the speed of the country’s economic situation gradually became stable in 2018-19, the country’s economic growth 6 million World Bank estimated to be 5 percent.

The reform process to accelerate, Wholesale and retail trade industry, The influx of investment banking, bail The world economy because of the spending on infrastructure sector are in bad state, but the country’s economic growth in 2020-21 6 tenth to arrive in the 7 percent estimate.

Myanmar U Win Myint FY 2019-2020 National Plan By law, the total value of goods and services (GDP) for the regular price of the 7 percent growth target mass Finance Commission meeting held yesterday.

However, the slow speed of the global and regional economy, EU trade privileges, there are potential Energy price fluctuations as a challenge erratic Mic concerned parties.

Economics of the World Bank’s monitoring report published in year 2 times in the current economic situation, Prospects and policy, according to the recommendations.

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