The secret functions of a mobile phone which are never known by ordinary users

No bag phone today is rarely done. But this still does not use the phone processor friendly one still image.

So, the daily use of a smartphone will tell you what kind of processor friendly use.

1 – Battery

Phone when the battery is easy to use and, as such, no longer need to do anything. There is no phone, I felt a fire happens you have no place to charge quite end there.



So save the phone can use to escape from the problem.

To save the phone can disable automatic pixel highlighting how. Above the phone will see more.
This does not include the phone function.

2- Text to Speech

For  this , go to  Settings -> Accessibility Text to Speech glass  enabled.



3- Find a lost phone

Settings -> Security -> Device Administrators she has checked checked.
If accidentally lost your phone into another phone to add Gmail.

Then HTTP:// manager accessed via this website, you can find your phone.

4- Guest Mode

If your personal information to other Arab enable Guest Mode well enough.

When placed phone pick the other hand to be able to see your information Guest Mode is enabled.
How to how to do is to open access because vary depending on the type of phone settings.



5- lens

Settings -> Accessibility -> Magnification Gestures function that can help those with low vision functions.

6- Hot-spot Mode

Here’s my phone using the Internet to share with others to create useful ရှင်လေး forward.
Easy to open. Settings -> Tethering and portable hot-spot Just share checkbox.

7-secret game

Android 2.3, Google Android offers users to add to a secret game. To find this game, go to Settings -> About Phone or Tablet. The Android version to a multi-point touch. Now Google’s secret has been able to play the game.

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