The reasons why engraved vertically on the escalator

The millions of people use the escalator. In what way, but where the escalators are works that you know he’s not much insight. Escalator according to the angle of slope moving Exchange Cords, a terrace a notch each wheel (2) is involved. The entire escalator electronic motor drive. Namely, the escalators are moving conveyor belt similar to the belt. Large belt moving escalator stairs and it is also contradiction.

Escalator foot on the first and last step to the other side of the stairs to make it easy to know the ground, and it was reported in real bike. But engraved on escalators Why do it. In the past, the escalator wood and create a smooth surface of a foot of the stairs to accept them. So you can easily catch fire. I was in a London underground station. Catch a match status under a wooden escalator fire was burning in the presence of the debris prior year.

This story broke engraved seen today at the escalator was introduced. The main purpose appears carved escalator make object objects stuck in the escalator.

Trash object on the escalator carrying a human leg cut reaches the end of the escalator, said he would not exercise this designed as well. When escalators or escalators ended up tuning wheel plate form with their shoes, Luggage can push objects loading. Because of this you cut the escalator started something serious here.

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