The reasons to visit Egypt once in a lifetime

Egypt is famous because of the history of ancient jewelry and unique. Dream-classical beauty and beautiful beaches, spread out The flowers of golden sand, this century can be more active in Egypt.

Those who want to learn the ancient art of Egypt to visit your place.

Egypt has a very interesting and the oldest, had resulted in a living system.

The statue was built in ancient Egypt people, The tomb, this century that captured the world’s top archaeologists are still underway.

There are also known as Jabal Al Tor Egypt Mount Moses. Mount Moses in Islam, The Christian and Jane is a religious sacred place.

The world’s longest river, the Nile in Egypt. Over the Nile (4,160 miles) long and consistent and the Mediterranean Sea.

In Egypt, the Red Sea is a very famous place. The bright, colorful coral reefs and unique fish swimming down the sea.

Cairo, the best is found in Islamic architecture and art. Since some years ago (1200) the mosque built mosques.

A variety of people in Egypt. Some say they are in different languages ​​to travel out of Egypt. The Egyptian people’s diet is more neighboring countries in the Middle East.

Egypt’s climate situation is good traveling weather. Egypt’s most 90% of the territory is desert.

The journey for those who want to go looking for a new experience in the desert is the best place in Egypt.

On sand hills and sea horses can enjoy the view from the beach overlooking the beauty.

Sea diving, enjoy the beauty Push-vans, Boat because you can do a variety of sports diving Paradise second contradiction.

Egypt emerged from the beach are honeymoon couple first love could not find the most suitable.

In addition, Egypt ulcers can cure diseases.

There are many hot springs Some of the spa is a respiratory disease, kidney Bone and other skin problems can be cured in a famous sand foam massage is famous in Egypt has been a kind of a medical practice.

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