The fire-damaged vehicle in chin granted to $ 4910 million for damages

Chin, Paletwa Township, Kaladan bridge (Paletwa) forces fire burned down or damaged because of the sound of traffic on the bridge frame and accessories for insurance compensation granted more ceremony on May 18 at the hall of the Ministry of the Ministry of Construction that.

On behalf of the Ministry of Construction U Maung claimant IKBZ overall loss protection (Total Loss Only) protection and additional protection militarized war (War Risk Cover) because it is guaranteed for providing such compensation.

The Union Minister for Construction U Han Zaw, “IKBZ company liability Responsible spirit, efforts of our department, The damage has to use the frame loss equipment will still cost. In addition, this alternative may be returned to the bridge pounds to be able to proceed with the timely completion of the release, “he said.

Myanmar-India bilateral contact Paletwa – Mizoram for use in road construction equipment, Bridge for vessels carrying iron frames and accessories, on March 16, was destroyed in a fire.

Road construction work, if no further harassment were on the original target of 20 February 2020, and will be able to build.

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