The dangerous side effects of the headset that should be always aware

It seems like a new technology while improving human health effects from luxury goods, available equipment overwhelmed behind .

Headphone headset also notice the negative consequences of today’s young people is a common use of technical equipment.

Plug in headphones and listening to music instructors people who ,Bus truck, street, found everywhere resort to external sounds you want to hear, want to stress relaxation, like listening to headphones and your health.

So I noticed. No matter if sometimes, but always sound via headset ုး works in question were covered by health adverse effects I should know.

1. Hearing and hearing loss consequences

When using headphones or headset into your ear is closely joined directly between the noise exceeds .90 decibels profit as it can cause additional damage. those listening via headphones and headsets Hearing percent very likely to lose no more than .100 decibels a sound rate of just listening to 15 minutes If the risk.

So, there is not usually such a little bit if I opened nearby and a loud voice aware of the bigger picture. You just do not listen, do you usually use the same headset. Whether to hire someone or other to borrow from family and friends.



Sometimes. But this time, even once infected Possible bacteria. Headphones are easy to infect each other through. So you must hire someone other detergent water solution being sterilized, or simply do not rent, lease, should do it.

3. The air route will be closed

The headset maker good sound system sound despite advertising around it. No matter how good health standpoint suggest based on your use of the damage can be in many ways. Unless you add into the headset without the incoming and outgoing traffic can be blocked. Although good listening ear infections Possibilities of context.

If the hearing temporarily lost.

All-day headset common predictor of hearing in a loud voice, sometimes temporarily lost. Such numb ears short extraordinary becomes normal again. This is a dangerous situation, and really can not be heard.



5. that affects the brain

Headphones ,headphone transmit electromagnetic waves from the brain and can cause serious dangers not yet enough medical evidence to prove this. .Bluetooth ,headphone headset predictor of brain-related diseases more common in everyday life. The inner ear directly to the brain and connected top little Spanish Even if it can affect the brain.

6. life does not deserve accident cases

Later headset battalion pedestrians accidentally, but was higher than the sound of a horn. Those who can not hear the sound of the train, tragedy can become a victim. Sometimes a headset and even caused his life trying to save others’ lives without damaging.


To consider how to use the headset By clicking on the icon? And as such no longer give. Without damaging the ear headphones that will use ways.

Small add agents into the headset, do not use it outside. Use the headphone set to share with others. I headset. Do not use headphones to approximately one month of a small rubber cap.

The headset does not cover HIV detergent water solution. If headset / headphone with a loud voice. Easy to use live human equipment, but if it should be used just unlimited.


Thank you.

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