The company has sold a unique gift to the Valencia region

The lovers will soon be giving away souvenirs for the soon-to-be-released Victorian Daddy.

Make regular chocolates Flower Giphy will be launching a unique valedictorian gift, unlike the dolls. This is a physical GIFs frame jointly developed by Giphy and Infinite Objects. There is no such thing as a gift that can keep a long-lasting memory of a loved one.


This physical GIFs frame allows you to customize your animated GIFs as a theme, not as a visual, but as GIFs. The video clip of the two lovers will be running full time. However, this program will be created exclusively for Valentine’s Day.

Canadians now have the option of customizing the GIFs collection of love symbols, as well. custom wedding dress Couples and birthday memories can be customized and can be given as a gift. This is a souvenir that will last longer than the chocolates provided by a loved one.


Giphy founder Alex Chung said that the GIFs were able to realize their dream of bringing people to the public, not on a mobile phone.

Valentine’s Day frame frames are available now for $ 49. But it will only be available for Valentine’s Day.

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