The bad news for those who like energy drink

During the year 2018, British citizens to fill drinking soft drinks, there are a total of 679 million liters.

Some people who drink regularly fill potentially stroke than 5 times the ordinary researchers could alert has been issued.

Drinks are called Arrhythmia fill and stroke, which can cause abnormal heartbeat increase in the possibilities of Paralysis.

“Reinforced soft drinks containing caffeine can make irregular heartbeat. If you drink six cups of coffee a day, the cup will make you heart right, but the impact of reinforced drinks a lot of coffee than the war,” The Arrhythmia Allicance CEO Trudie Lobban, founder of the SID.

In life, a construction manager, 52-year-old Mark Horsman 8 cups of coffee a day and drinking Red Bull 3 was the heart and becomes reactionary almost suffered the long-awaited.

Each 250 ml of juice to fill the ordinary is very commonly involved in the reaction with caffeine 20 mg containing

caffeine are 2 times higher than that which appears at Espresso 60 mm of dietary caffeine, and the same amount.

British Hearth Foundation, a senior heart specialist volunteer Julie Ward If you drink a fair amount does not affect the body explained.

However, if you drink coffee or drinks fill a heartbeat if he should feel right after these absolutely should not drink warned.

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