Surprisingly interesting facts about Thailand

Sincerely, friendly local people, and vehicular Volume huge limestone, big laugh and beautiful beach of Thailand’s iconic symbol.

Another unique festival with folk tradition, there are in the country.

In Thailand, what will be interesting how the potential factors below.

Thailand is the world’s longest-running, where the royal rule

Thailand King Bhumibol Abdul (June 1946) (9) to hold an October (2017) (13) over the days until you die.

Bhumibol is the world’s oldest kingdom Administered emperor who ruled Thailand history’s longest-running one. King Bhumibol of Thailand (70) years (126 days), a reign of terror.

Red Bull birth place
The world famous energy drinks such as Red Bull was born in Thailand. Fill the Red Bull soft drink brands, based on the Krating Daeng built.

Thai culture, I think they have a human head as sacrosanct.

Thus, a person can not even touch the other person’s head.

Children can not go out. The honor and respect other people would relax a gesture.

The monkeys intended festival for every year
Thailand’s Lopburi Monkey Banquet Festival every November.

The Festival in Lopburi province, in front of the Pra Prang Sam Yot temple held. Monkey festival usually includes more than 600 hp 4 monkeys residents collectively (more than 2 tons) tons of food to feed often.

Thailand Oriental Serbia are classified as deep into the night

Building built beside the Chao Phraya river and the breadth of this century, The laugh of several canals in Bangkok’s commerce important things.

Thailand has a small beautiful canal in the foreigners and locals are happy being able to ride along a small canal boat itself.

The walking fish in Thailand
Other fish in the world, and a different kind of fish, code named Cryptotora thamicola from Thailand. The fish on the fish are blind Falls cleaned Caving many fish.

In the front two paws, Later, the fin has two fours often seemed disused cost.

They can crawl on the ground. Their anatomy is regarded Newt like that.

The royal family is a very important issue to be taken seriously

Thailand’s royal family honor are people who appreciate.

Thus, the royal family is divided in law specifies can oppose. King, Queen and those who will not succeed if the behavior can be jailed crime.

Who have never come under colonial Southeast Asia.

Thailand, which falls under the EU was the only country in Southeast Asia.

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