Stateless Shan girls Thailand Science Award (television) developed in the United States

In northern Thailand, Chiang Rai province is named Nam Phi stateless ethnic Shan young student in the United States of scientific innovation contest tycoon scholarship, won the right to compete.

They got one last from May 12 until 17 in Arizona, United States Phil Mechanics Science Project Competition – Intel ISEF 2019 held international youth science competition to competition.

Competition inside them that can be produced before the timely rain to protect the status of indigenous tree species and humidity of seeds has been designed to maintain competition, was awarded the second prize.

Young people are the athletes and I was born into a peasant parents, but the advent of agriculture, science and more innovative seed and maintain a mission, told reporters earlier.

USAID has awarded medals during the contest received a scholarship of $ 3,000.

Before this low pressure is no registered stateless because Thais in Thailand, but in order to compete abroad is given a special passport. Since the US Embassy but he refused to give visas 2 times.

Then, the Thai Interior Department was prepared in December 2017 enacted a national law allows Thais were able to compete with Thai passport.

Similarly, Thailand Ranong turns reading lacquer Pierce High School is coming to the United States in June Genius Olympaid in New York, was selected to compete youth science competition, but he going to deal with the parents of children born stateless foreign migrants had difficulties.

So she has to compete to represent Thailand on May 10, the Thai interior ministry last gave her Thai ID card.

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