Singapore says keeping your phone clean is better than wearing a mask

Singapore’s Ministry of Health (MoH) has announced that the mobile phone will be fully sanitary and hygienic. Hand washing is the best way to combat the spread of the Coronavirus, according to asiaone news.

One of the ministry’s most important officials is to keep the phones clean. “Pay attention to the things that come up often. Especially phones. So, not wearing a mask is not so important. ”Singapore’s Ministry of Health has previously warned citizens to wear masks to protect against rotaviruses, but now it is advisable to keep phones clean and well-washed than masks.



Many researchers have also found that phones have more germs than toilets. Phones are one of the craziest things anyone can ever touch. Some people even use the phone even in the toilet, so the dirt in the toilet can be fixed on the phone. Therefore, it is advisable not to use the phone in the toilet.

What’s worse is that people use their phones for their eyes, ears, and ears. Nose is sometimes attached to the nose and mouth. These are the main areas where the coronavirus has been infected. Experts say it is important to clean the phones we use to protect them against major viruses. Bacteria can be used to kill bacteria in the cell and cell phones.

Alcohol can be mixed with 60% water and 40% Hibenyl alcohol. When done, touch the surface of a smooth microfiber cloth or towel, and the screen and back of your phone. You can even spray on your phone’s cover.

However, avoid directly spraying the phone on the phone. Also, don’t rub any antibacterial wipes that are easily found on the market. Laxatives Kitchen remover; Makeup Remover Dishwashing detergent; Also, do not wash your hands with soap and vanilla. It is important to note that the phone is damaged.

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