Scientists have discovered a new way to prevent white hair

As you age, white hair grows. Sometimes you may see young and gray hairs. In fact, white hair is due to aging as well as stress.

In this regard, scientists have discovered new ways that stress can cause you to prematurely white hair, and that scientists have discovered a new way to stop white hair without the use of dyes.

The researchers unexpectedly discovered this finding. In fact, for several weeks, the black mice suddenly noticed a completely white shift.



The mice were then exposed to intense stress and damaged stem cells that control the skin and hair color.

It is also known that a key protein, called cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK), is involved in the destruction of stem cells. Experts say that if the protein were controlled, only one treatment would prevent hair discolouration.

Then, when the mice were given another dose of anti-hypertensive drug to treat hypertension, the discolouration stopped.

When men and women are over 30, their hair color changes to brown. These are natural remedies for aging. Genetics and stress.

These effects are related to melanocyte stem cells producing melanin responsible for hair and skin, according to researchers at Sao Paulo and Harvard University.

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