Record temperatures rise in Antarctica This is a worry for the world

Temperatures are rising in Antarctica, which is generally impossible for people to live in. This is a significant increase in temperatures for the first time in Antarctica.

Concerns are rising as temperatures rise to 20.75 degrees Celsius. But Brazilian researcher Carlos Schaefer says this is not too worrying. This is because the sudden rise in temperature does not affect long-term data. Or it could not be covered.



But this has never happened, and it is not unusual. You can imagine how severe the global warming could be. In a nutshell, this year the world may be hotter than you thought. Or it could threaten global warming.

According to the UN World Meteorological Organization, the temperature over the last 50 years of Antarctica has been three degrees Celsius. During this time, the ice sheets of the West Coast were redeveloped.

But at 18.3 degrees Celsius, temperatures aren’t as high as the summer, even when it’s like summer. The WMO says the melting of the ice has accelerated over the past 12 years due to rising temperatures. West Antarctica says it is a concern for ice.

Also, the melting of the ice is now 3 meters above sea level. Cities near the coast; The WMO warned that the situation is worrisome for the villages. Recently, two heritage islands have been sailed under Indonesia.

In addition, the rate of ice melting has doubled during 1979 (2017). This is what we are in a real hole in. One expert told me that it was good to know that I was in the crib.

Professor Nerilie Abram of the Australian National University says the world is rapidly warming. He said that the temperature could be so high that it would be expensive to wear only one T-shirt. Then we found a cave at the bottom of the Thwaites Glacier, much larger than the size of the UK.

It also said that the tunnel had become larger than expected. If the ice were to melt completely, the global ocean would be about two meters higher. This change is a worry for your home on the beach.

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