Phyo Ko Ko Tint Hsan and the value of those involved can’t check without delay

The drug has been charged with the fat Tint Hsan’s time, there are more than 1 and a half years, but those who are involved in the case is not able to check the court delay.

Because the investigating officer, officials and witnesses should serve each trial having to be able to come out for a long time, this time in roughly a trial Iraqi Parliament’s lawyer said.

Checking “behavior and about the officers investigating officer. The measures still have to check in about 10 to the investigating officer. They then pulled the victim will begin ”

This behavior on the prosecution witnesses were able to check the court.

Naypyidaw on October 5, 2017 2 hand gun ammunition at the airport as well as the drug is related to the capture of other fat Tint Hsan and open to the arrest of those involved in police and January 2017 3 Naypyidaw south district court first .

Phyo Tint Hsan and stakeholders responsible for the south district court in Naypyidaw is the capital of Yangon, checking out identify weekly on Monday and Tuesday .

Naypyidaw in the south district court fat Hsan Section 14 of the drugs involved and charged as he imposed order are charged according to the relevant section.

Those charged in order to be prepared to cancel fat Tint Hsan, Ye Min Swe, Zaw Min, worthy Thi Yan Aung Soe Aung Khine’s request in favor of the Chief Federal Court appeal were submitted, but the order is rejected by order of the Supreme Court of the Union.

In the same section in order to check all set early in fat, those who are involved with Myanmar Penal Code, Section 8, Yangon Penal Code 6, a total of 14 and being fugitives from 3 has issued a warrant.

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