More than 20 monks food poisoning Hsipaw

At Northern Shan State,KyaukMe district, Hsipaw Township, Kyin Thi village, there was more than 20 monks who got food poisoning hospitalized.

KyinThi monastery on June 17 after having lunch, hot evening, monks attended fever above HSIPAW sliding contact,

so access to the philanthropic social and a hospital in the village health center midwife said Ohn Myint said.

“I eat fried rice Tuesday. But before the riot started the idea to the rest of the fried rice meal Morning meal and then in the evening, some of your hot I attended fever Some went belly Vomiting.

This pre Thipaw Without Borders charity and charitable organizations to help and were sent to hospital. 22 sent to hospital, 21, food poisoning Additional risk factors are among the most see. ”

The monks are eating only a meal a day meal is the meal some mango often ate meals,

but our reasons for food poisoning are still inspecting the hospital.

Health teacher told that they become comfort and feeding today morning ,

but they are not allowed to come down from hospital.

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