If you are no longer work in current Relationship.

Some people alive longer than RS choose a better one, he said. The one view, if isolated, but in actual practice, to be more fun than staying miserable. So you rather than to dissolve the current RS pair miserable.

(1) Talk frankly each other
Tell me you are not unhappy, are feeling. The flowers open, candid look better for your two. Share this clearly is that each link to make a more open and happy.

(2) Consider how happy
Do not vacillate. More dismayed if you can not blame the other person happy. Why instead of this book, and consider what he is doing. RS book did not exactly given. Should also consider the need to slacken while the RS.

(3)Given a break
RS you disconnect them from the book for a short time longer. Tell the other person would need to give your time. If you keep your mind has been disconnected for a moment and you need time to think. If you looked much more comfortable and happy, you should consider to live alone.

(4) Do not blame anyone
On the other hand, don’t try blame the people. This can become your two enemies. Take responsibility for yourself instead. Blame the other person, you can enjoy more of you can make relations worse.

(5) Cut off
There was no answer on the above factors, you are better to try again if you’ve been broke. Your decision and then the other person in your sleep anymore, No longer feel as before the flowers open, candid. And then cut off, There is still time for you.

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