Here are five reasons why you spend more money than you can

Although you are not a businessman making money, you cannot say that your monthly income is low. But by the end of the month, no one had been left in bed. Some months still owed money. You have a certain amount of income, but when it comes to the balance of incomes and incomes, you are faced with a problem when it comes to income. Especially when you do this, it shows that you are spending more money than you can. What are these?

(1) You are spending more money than you earn

The problem is that if your income is about 500,000 a month, but if you’re spending more than 500,000 a month, then there’s a problem. A month Only two months will you be able to deal with this situation, but in the event of a series of debts, you will incur huge debts. Best of all, you need to be careful about spending and preparing to spend on your salary.



(2) I often use a credit card

Credit card debt is not something you can think of when paying with a credit card. However, the practice is likely to get stuck and you may have more debt due to a credit card. So if you don’t want to deal with financial problems, you should also reduce credit card usage.

3) Over 40% of your income must be spent on living expenses

Over 40% of your paycheck can be rented, rented and rented. If you are used to renting out rentals or rentals, you don’t have to save money. It could be salary and money shortfall. If your salary is about 500,000, but if you spend around $ 200,000 on rent, you’ll have to manage the rest of the money.

4) You’re buying things to impress people around you

It’s not something you really want to use for yourself, but it is used by people around you. The type of clothing they wear will affect your income. It’s like going to a party for all your friends. They want to follow every traveler they want. Following up on the courses they attend will likely mean that you are spending more money than you can afford.

5) I didn’t save any money

Months and months have passed. If you don’t have a little money, be careful that you are spending more than you need. You can buy and use only what you need. If you are spending enough to earn your own money, you will probably save a lot of money. Otherwise, time is running out. If you do not save money, be aware that you are spending money on unnecessary things.

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