Experts that inform the rabbit lovers should follow

The rabbits are very lovely. Blameless Although the owners love the cute rabbits, many do not understand the emotional effects of these puppies or try to understand them. In time, give them food and drink. Do not think that the Lord has fulfilled His mission just by giving you water.

The British Veterinary Assocation (BVA) has recently made a request to the government – the only thing that has been asked of the government is to prevent the sale of rabbits for sale alone.



Rabbits often experience loneliness and loneliness. It causes mental illness. If the rabbit is born, it will be with a rabbit. BVA pointed out that or should be born as a rabbit. According to data from over 18,000 doctors / therapists nationwide:

Forty-two percent of pet rabbits were sold alone. This is a very bad situation for the emotional distress of young children. But in a survey released last June, 73% of pet rabbits did not have a mate.

Therefore, BVA would not buy a single rabbit for BVA. He urged ministers to push for the purchase of two or a group. According to the PD99 PAW report, rabbits in the UK are the third most popular dog after pet in the UK.



BAVs say that rabbits are very concerned about their companionship, sometimes choosing more than just food. BAV President Daniella Dos Santos said the rabbits were either at home or at home. They are very fond of each other, both in the forest and in the forest.

But a different kind of rabbit does not work well in relationships. She suggested that a rabbit should be consulted with veterinarians on how to find a mate. That way they will have a true companion.

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