Dogs often lie to get what they want, according to a new study

A dog’s intelligence is a well-recognized concept. They are creatures that protect the human habitation and join the police and prevent crime. In a recent study, Brightside reports that dogs can not only understand what people are saying, but also how to get what they want from people.

Dogs are more intelligent creatures than humans think. The Animal Cognition Journal looked at 27 different dogs, ranging from one-and-a-half to 14 years old. When watching dogs, they find that they try to cheat if they don’t like them. In other words, dogs lie about their behavior and behavior.



First, researchers study dogs’ favorite foods. Then I show them three boxes. In one of the boxes, the dogs put on their favorite food. In the box year, they included a second favorite meal. There was nothing left in the box, but it was empty.

And the experts taught the two women. To the first woman, she said to the dogs, “Show me your food,” and she taught them to feed the dog if she came to the table. The second woman told the dog, “Show me your food,” and she told her dog to bring her some food instead if she came to see her favorite food.

For the first time, dogs show both their favorite dishes to the ladies. More often than not, dogs often show up in the first feeding of one of the two women, while the second only shows the empty cup.

The study found that dogs show up almost 80% of their favorite food to the first woman to feed them generously, and only twice as much as 20% of their favorite food is fed to a woman who is reluctant to take them.

This study does not mean that dogs are no longer regarded as loyal animals. They are still cute. Is it true? They are just trustworthy creatures, and they are just pretending to be their own way to get what they want.

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