Do you know why people keep their toilet bottom doors open?

When you go public toilets, you will find that almost a third of the bottom of the door is always empty. Many have never wondered why they keep this in mind. According to an article read by the Bright Side News, the reason for keeping the bottom of the toilet open is because of a public toilet.

1. Easy to clean

This public toilet needs to be cleaned frequently. When doing this, it is often difficult to close the door when the door is fully closed. Therefore, the floor can be easily put into the empty space at the bottom of the door and completed quickly.



2. Toilets are easy to find when they are forgotten

The bottom of the toilet is the bottom of the toilet so you can easily see underneath the toilet if you forget something about it. A full door will make it difficult to know what’s inside.

3. People Easy to see

It is not always easy to find out if there is a full house. Just knocking on the door, people inside could hear. Sometimes people don’t even hear the sound of knocking on their door. You don’t even have to open a door. If Jack had forgotten to drop in, it would have been hilarious.



4. Easy to exit when the door jams

Unfortunately, when you go to the toilet and get out, you can get out of the shower when the door lock is down. With a full door, you can only have it open with power or emergency calls.

5. Easy To Get Toilet Paper

If you use the toilet paper when you go out of the toilet, you can easily ask for someone outside when you reach for the toilet paper.

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