Costly, Lavish wedding ban on China

Beijing is too magnificent wedding reception held Events has been urged to end.

According to China’s Ministry of Social wedding of traditional Chinese culture and socialist values ​​should be a component of integration, and in any event not recommended should avoid extreme than normal.

Happy previous week Events reform conference, a Chinese government official wedding reception events and marriage among the Chinese president’s political affairs, such thoughts do Xi Jinping emphasized the need to input barrel.

District assembly and shape the wedding guests the value of material formed with 200 , set for no more than 6 thousand yuan, houses Motor vehicles with restricted in light of the past took a sample wedding etiquette rules, local authorities will be obeyed ministry directives.

The wedding of Chinese to show their wealth, had been seen as an opportunity years ago and dignity, it is extremely important to be accepted by the dominant culture wedding magnificent, The more expensive it is to be formed.

The wedding condemned the Ministry of Culture on the timing Asian actress in “Crazy Rich Asians” romantic glow Kazakhstan coincides with the rules and, The rules for wedding couple is about US $ 40 million waste film.

The Chinese Communist Party is magnificent wedding guests, as opposed to the SPA Affluent people in their class to boast export limitations have been crying in Cuba. Rental and handling is limited due to begin.

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