Are you sure benefit of your health if you eat raw eggs??

Eggs, Oval body growth also include a number of nutrients and health quite Healthy food is almost universally accepted. Cholesterol and calories, tons of fertilizer containing a few years, if he is the best.

Eggs, Boiled eggs and must be the most convenient name to add incapable. Stir fry for me, Fried rice with me, vegetables, meat, Fish and me, Oily cooking for me, Boil For the combination because housewives and must be very easy to cook.

Eating raw eggs
Later eat raw eggs and re-popularized the practice. There are some, I attended muscle Healthy. Do not eat raw, his works are not good Microbes, And something good. Today article about eating raw eggs are known to benefit your health, Head should be cautious, I’d like to avoid.

1. After eating raw eggs and food nutrition can be fully opened.
The original egg protein, Contain too much fat and healthy. Vitamin A. B vitamins, Selenium compounds, Phosphorus compounds, Folic acid, Strengthens the eyes of anti-oxidation equipment, To be able to work well in the brain that contain starch.

2. Two eggs Contributes to Global Warming Contributes to Global Warming.
For those who pay attention to the health of eggs, putting a full materials. The egg contains most of the nutrients in the year involving top and contain the most protein. Athlete For muscle men to attend training, you should eat more.

3. When you eat raw egg protein can be absorbed well.
When we surveyed the eggs and food containing protein 90%, although the body absorb only 50 percent of green protein would absorb found. But when you eat Depending on the temperature of the fire can be any less of other vitamins and nutrients.

4. The bacteria in raw eggs.
When you eat what green bacteria, sometimes less. Eggs (Salmonella) Solomon called involving the bacteria causing food poisoning. The boys were in the egg shells in both bacteria can remain. If you eat a raw egg worms, stomach cramps and pains, Diarrhea, Vomit, Fever, Often get symptoms such as dizziness. 6 to 48 hours after eating the food poisoning in 3 to 7 days, sometimes suffering. Stores selling packaging idea to kill when raw eggs are carefully cleaned and, as such, may contain bacteria.

5. What age should not eat raw eggs.
Not suitable to eat raw eggs can be no such thing as life after and there is little concern about bacteria. Thus, the immune system is very weak, children and infants, Youth, likely to be infected with the smaller children are more likely. Bacteria pregnant women when they have to eat a raw egg in the uterine contraction pain are possible to be the types of preterm birth. For 65 years, the elderly and those with weak immune systems diabetes, heart disease, With HIV should not be suitable to eat raw eggs.

6. Eating green protect, how to avoid being infected with bacteria.
If you eat what green has a risk of infection, and methods for adjustment. Just what can the percentage of risk of infection to protect them from possible amendment, To take care of.

You can store the worm egg packaging purchase. Fresh eggs raw eggs if not the best.
In the stores sure to apply cold to buy select an egg.
Add the eggs home refrigerators and save. If single, Please take two immediate attack.
If you keep at room temperature because of higher risk of bacteria and materials.
Expiration buy eggs, Do not avoid completely.
The egg shell is cracked, Do not buy any dirty.
Falkland clear egg smell that something was happening, Hath walked, The rank smell almost completely.
The only way to kill the bacteria that is sure to heat and cook it.

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