Ambassador of the country’s fifth women of myanmar

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Director General of the Department of Strategic Studies and Training aunt Kathy over the Czech Republic will be re-opened embassy in Myanmar had been delegated authority has been appointed as Ambassador on June 6, the government announced.

Czech Republic was appointed Myanmar Country aunt Kathy over the country’s fifth female ambassador was also recorded. The aunt Kathy ruling political Department Division Director, Europe Italy positions had also previously served as Foreign Ministry told BBC.

Women from those who had previously served as the ambassador of Aung San wife, Khin (India) Daw Yin Yin Myint (Germany), Daw Maw Maw (Norway) Ma Ei Ei Khin (Indonesia).

Myanmar is already Czechoslovak Republic had an embassy in the city of a hundred good. In 1993, however, and New York and one in Slovakia has broken out separately 2 break relations with Myanmar. From there, it was until you sell.

Since 2012 access to Parliament Suu Kyi will try to begin diplomatic relations with Myanmar in the Czech Republic was opened in 2014 at the Myanmar Embassy. The death relations with Aung San Suu Kyi’s relationship with his loyal friend, I say.

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