About 5 other symptoms that can cause gum misdiagnosis

There are many signs of tooth decay, such as gum disease, tooth decay. But you have to be aware that not all tooth problems are tooth markers. In other words, pain that is thought to be a bite is a pain caused by another disease. Here is a quote from Bright Side that is misleading.

Jaw problem

The pain that seems to go away may be due to your jaw problem. Dental pain can be mistaken for tooth pain. The jaw joint may also contract when the jaw muscles open and the jaw muscles move. This is called the jaw joint.

Nose problems

The disease can be caused by peritonitis. When this happens, it can hurt the nose. The top of the nostrils is affected by the presence of the roots near the nasal passages. So the true nose is thought to bite the pain.



Heart problems

Because of the pain, the heart sometimes hurts different parts of the body. The left shoulder and arm are always in pain. It can also cause pain in the lower jaw and jaw. These are signs that a heart attack may be triggered by heart attacks and heart attacks.

The spit problem

Glaucoma causes the passage of a spleen. When the stone reaches a certain size, it blocks the fallopian tube. From there it becomes a bite. It can cause irritation. In order to be diagnosed, it is necessary to have a mammogram. If the stone is small, it does not require surgery.

Pulmonary problems

Lung disease and dental disease are interrelated. If there is pain in the teeth, jaw can be a sign of lung cancer. When the disease spreads around the neck and head, it causes pain in the mouth.

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