A woman who warned of the danger of feeding dogs

Most people eat dog meat and bones after the meal. But sometimes, readers need to be aware that dogs are at risk of death because of these bones.

Recently we saw an article on the worldofbuzz news page. In the news, one woman said that bones do not allow the dogs to digest their food, so do not feed the dogs. She also posted a photo of a bloated and bloated puppy.

In the picture, the dog is unable to see through the bones of the dog. So she had to be brought to the clinic to remove the bones that were hurting her in the womb. Another image is bone removal.



Another is a picture of a dog’s bones that are made out of a dog’s belly. You will find that it is quite large.

When posting photos on Facebook, an online person also shared his story. “I used to feed the boy in the house before. Especially the chicken feed. One day, the dog started to bleed and he couldn’t move. I was worried and went to see a doctor. So one of the bones closed, and he closed the weight-free hole in his stomach and found that he was in pain. ”

Of course, dogs should not be allowed to eat any kind of bone that may be a small, sharp bite. These tiny bits can become soiled that they can damage the organs of the dog’s mouth and digestive system. The mouth and the tongue are inflamed. Bone Marrow Tooth decay Anita Diarrhea I was very constipated. Apart from blocking the gastrointestinal tract, it can be fatal if it is not treated in time. Therefore, dog lovers should be careful not to misuse the food they love.

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