A survey shows that people who drive a car are more likely to get involved in a car crash

BMW and Audi drivers are more likely to be involved in car accidents, according to a survey conducted in Sweden.

Swedish Social Psychology Professor Jan-Erik Lönnqvist studied traffic on the road. BMW Luxury drivers like Mercedes are often said to be reckless drivers who do not follow traffic rules.

When driving, drive through the red light; I don’t care where the pedestrians are. Lönnqvist, a professor at the University of Helsinki’s Swedish School of Social Science, said the car was driven by reckless driving and reckless driving.


People are at odds with each other. Though we may have different attitudes, The key to this process is wealth. Wealth also affects people. For example, it is common for people to ride big cars on high-quality cars that are not accessible to everyone.

Researchers have come up with five classifications when they study people in Finland and look at their answers. That is an open, honest person. Who is responsible? He is an unnatural person. They are proud and rebellious.

Also Audi; Most of the people who own high-end cars like BMW and Mercedes are arguing. They are stubborn and selfless people. Because of these personality traits, they are more likely to violate traffic laws than anyone else. There are more accidents in traffic.

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