43 People deaths in thailand due to dengue fever

Mosquitoes, dengue infection in the country spread, according to Thailand’s Department of Disease Control, released on June 14.

28785 new cases of the disease this year had killed 43 of these Bangkok Post media.

“This data is the information received from January 1 to June 11, with an average of five and the number of infected cases had more than doubled,” said deputy director of the department, Dr. Archer said Ram.

Because of the weather, there are the same conditions, including Thailand’s neighboring countries, this kind of disease spreading and has been able to control mosquito breeding is mostly due, he said.

On June 14, Thailand’s Department of Health to control mosquito breeding tightly from seven states signed an agreement with the Ministry.

The Ministry of Defense, Tourism and Sports, Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Ministry of Home Affairs, Ministry of Culture, Includes education and the Ministry of Administration Bangkok.

Controlling this community of churches, schools and hospitals involved in Thailand’s permanent secretary for Public Health said Dr. miles a fat body.

“The local church is the main mosquito breeding places,” said Kurt.

Last year during the rainy season in Thailand, dengue fever infected 59 thousand have been killed and 69 Thai Health Ministry reports.

2018 killed more than 20,000 cases reported this year in Myanmar, more than 100 million.

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